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Candy Science a K-5 Program

First off, my failures must be stated out front. I took zero pictures of this program. That's right, nada. I regret this completely and promise to do better in the future.

So for my school age February school age program I decided to get some kids hopped up on sugar! All for the sake of science, of course.

First I had a video of some schoolhouse rock playing as I welcomed patrons into the program and had them make nametags.

Then, while I had all of them sitting in chairs we talked about how we do experiments, what to look for and what a hypothesis was. After a brief discussion I passed out packs of Pop Rocks and asked if any of the kids had eaten them before, a handful had not. We talked about what we thought the Pop Rocks were going to taste like, smell like, feel like, and sound like before I had the kids eat them and tell me their conclusions.

Our next experiment was entitled "Sink or Float." I gave each kid a blank chart that had the type of candy bar, a space for their prediction, and a space for the actual outcome. We tested a milky way, a snickers, and a three musketeers bar. The only one that floated was the musketeers, which when it did it sparked screaming and cheering from the kids.

After these group experiments I split the kids into two groups for our two other experiments.

Experiment Station 1:

Floating the M's off of M&M's.

All this took was bowls of water, a few M&M's and time.
The kids had to place a few M&M's in their bowl of water (M side up) and watch. Around minute 5-8 the M's would actually float off the M&M to the top of the water. This worked great! The only thing was the younger ones who grabbed a handful and kept stirring their water. But for the ones who followed directions I heard a squeal of delight every time their M&M's took off.

Experiment Station 2:

Dissolving Conversation Hearts

The goal of this experiment was to see which provided substances dissolved conversation hearts the most within our 10 minute time span. 

For this experiment we supplied cups filled with soda, water, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and air (for the control). Kids simply dropped a few hearts in each cup and observed the reactions.

While this experiment kept the kids interest, it just wasn't as fun or exciting as the floating M&M's. If I did this program again I would hesitate before doing this experiment again.

At each station I did provide blank pieces of paper and markers for observations. I was proud when all the kids did something on them. Some were filled with writing and others even had charts that they made themselves!

After these two experiments I had the kids sit back in their original chairs for some candy trivia. They were broke up into groups with A,B,C & D answer signs and were told that they had to work together to answer the questions. I did keep score but in the end everybody won a Hershey candy bar! 

For my final send off I played a fun Mentos and Diet Coke video from YouTube while they ate their candy bars and pointed out my book display of at home kitchen science experiment books. 50% of the display went out!

I had a blast with the kids who were so into what we were doing in our program and I received very positive feedback from the parents who were lovely enough to stay and help me clean up!

I can't wait to bring this program back with some improvements!


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