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April Book Review: The Bad and the Good

I read two YA books this past month. Both had female protagonists yet I had a different experience with each one. 

I have posted images of the books before the reviews so if you don't want spoilers then do not read on!

Red Queen 
by Victoria Aveyard 

Image result for the red queen book

3 stars for entertainment.
1 star for originality 

I enjoyed reading this book immensely. I was entertained. It started off slow and then as soon as I knew where the plot was going it shot off at high speed. This does not mean that it does not have its faults.

A poor, common girl, from a rough background living under a ruling elite.
She's not your typical girly girl and has special skills that keep her and her family going.
She lives in a country divided by a ruling class (the silvers) and a poor lower slave class (the Reds).
The country had been torn apart by the wars of the past.
To keep people in line, the Silvers put on death match shows in public arenas to show that they are in charge. 
One day she stumbles into how the other half lives and becomes famous in an instant for one single act. (She has secret skills that no Red should have, she is different and impossible)
She is then paraded around and used as propaganda to keep the country and the lower class in line.
She then decides to join the rebellion and trys with all that she has to overthrow the ruling class and the evil leaders.
Also there is a love triangle that gets pretty complicated. 

So basically..... the Hunger Games, Divergent, dystopian YA drama all mashed together. The only thing that is slightly different is this books involves kings, and queens, and princes, more royalty than other dystopians.

Again, I enjoyed the book. It kept me extremely entertained and I would like to finish the trilogy when it is published, but I have heard this story more than once. I admit my guilty pleasures include YA dystopians with leading female protagonists, but if someone is looking for something completely fresh and new they should look elsewhere. 

-Good twists at the end, I'm a sucker for twists.

Also, I really do want to read her entire trilogy as I am still searching for a YA dystopian trilogy that gets stronger in it's sequels and not weaker, more complicated, and a bit pointless at times. Hopefully the Red Queen series will deliver that satisfaction for me as a reader.

The Inventor's Secret 
by Andrea Cremer

Image result for the inventor's secret

This is a super fun book in a genre that I have never read before, Steampunk alternate history. Sixteen year old Charlotte lives in the years after the failed American Revolution. The colonies are under rule of the Empire (Great Britain) and they are determined to squash any type of future rebellion. Charlotte, her brother Ash and other children live in the Catacombs outside the floating city (NYC) and wait till they become of age to join the secret rebellion against the Empire.

One day Charlotte rescues a peculiar boy out in the woods. His skin is paler than anyone she has ever seen and he is dressed in garb from the floating city, yet he has no idea who he is, where he came from, or how he ended up in the woods. "His presence compels Charlotte, her brother and a few friends to leave the Catacombs to find answers in the high society and political filled world of New York City." In a search for answers the young rebels discover a bigger secret than they could of imagined.

This book starts off with a bang and continues to bring intrigue throughout the story line. It is book 1 in a trilogy and I cannot wait to read the next books in this series. This is truly something different. If you are not familiar with Steampunk just do a quick Google search. 

The only downside of this book is the developing love life of Charlotte. I will give the author props for making it a side story as compared to other series that make it the full focus and ending of the book. At the end of the book the reader is left with another huge event that makes the reader want to get a hold of book 2 as soon as possible! 


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