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Preschool Prom

 We threw a Prom, for Preschoolers, and it was as adorable as you would think.

UNFORTUNATLEY, and I'll blame pregnancy brain here, I did not take ANY photos of the setup, and I personally do not want to put up any photos of kids that do not belong to me.

This program was VERY successful, even with signups! We had everyone register and then add the total number of people who would be joining us for a night of toe-tapping. Here is our program description:

Grab your fancy outfits, your dancing shoes, and join us for a night out at the library. Take memnorable pictures in our photobooth, work together on a craft, and snack on punch and cookies. Enjoy a night of dancing during our Prom exclusively for preschoolers and their families! Registration requested – please indicate the total number of family members attending.

What we did:

1st we had them do a craft as everyone was arriving.

Craft -- We had the grownups help their kids make corsages or boutonnieres out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Very easy to put together craft wise, thank you Pinterest!


Snacks -- As they finished their craft they were invited to munch on some snacks of animal crackers and juices.

Photobooth -- This consisted of a butcher paper background, some helium balloons, streamers and a few props. The parents enjoyed taking their kids photos because they all looked so cute! 

Storytime -- We were lucky enough to have the help of our local 4-H Fair Queen and Ms. Congeniality. These girls were awesome! After they helped with crafts they each read a story about dancing while everyone was finishing their snacks.

And finally, 

Dancing -- I put together a simple 13 song playlist full of KidzBop and classic group dances (ex: hokey pokey), we turned out some of the lights, flipped on our electronic disco balls and danced the night away. Our Fair Queen and Ms. Congeniality both stayed all night and danced with the little ones, they also took pictures with almost everyone there. 

All in all we had around 75 people there, everyone had fun, and we had ZERO tears! It was an amazing program that required hardly any setup or much planning and it went so well.


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